Volume 2, Chapter 9: Armor

Chapter 9 is here, and on the chapters page.

So, question for you all:  What do you think of how quickly I’ve been releasing chapters? Too slow, just right? Keep in mind that it’s been taking me between two hours and an hour and a half for just one—not really a long time in the scheme of things, but it’s something nonetheless. If enough people think I’ve been going too slowly, I’ll try to step up the pace.


About kazanscans

This blog's purpose, as you may have guessed, is primarily to make the Kazan manga more available on the web. So download, sit back, and enjoy! Don't forget to buy the original if you happen to come across it. :)
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3 Responses to Volume 2, Chapter 9: Armor

  1. Dyri says:

    Awesome job! I believe you shouldn’t release too fast to the point where you begin to think of it as a chore. I for one appreciate you work on this classic manga!

  2. Termt says:

    Personally I’m used to 1 chapter in a week, I have no idea how many chapters of this are out but I’ll still think 1 chapter every week is pretty good, more is always welcome of course.

  3. Ray says:

    Yes too slow.
    A lot faster than not at all though,thank you big time for this excellent manga.

    A story about an icy hearted young boy who doesn’t start out useless and get “stronger and stronger for my friends” manga done well ,can’t beat it.

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