So about that whole “Volume 4 in a week” thing…

Yeah… I’m leaving the state for someplace with no internet for a week. Meaning that while the scans will probably be done, I won’t be able to process or upload them in the time I’m gone. I do have a good reason, though—I’m visiting my Gramma, who has been in and out of the hospital. My mother decided last minute that next week was the best time, so off we go. I’ll try to get two sets of two chapters up the week I get back to make up for the short notice. :x


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This blog's purpose, as you may have guessed, is primarily to make the Kazan manga more available on the web. So download, sit back, and enjoy! Don't forget to buy the original if you happen to come across it. :)
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5 Responses to So about that whole “Volume 4 in a week” thing…

  1. Chypmunk says:

    I am sorry to hear about your Gramma and her health troubles, it is great that you and our mother are going to visit her. I hope your visit goes well. As for releases well everyone should know scanlators have lives and often they need to take care of their life for a while and things in life do sometimes come suddenly and I am pleased you had time to let us know.

    All the best to you, your mother and Gramma.

  2. krish19oo says:

    Wish your grand mother a speedy recovery and thank you for informing us.

  3. ninjaclip says:

    sorry to hear about the G-ma but thanks a lot for these scans! i read this in like 6th grade and only read halfway though! and i was left with a lot of regret since my friend who had it moved away! but its so nostalgic and great rereading this!

  4. p00k says:

    while it’s always nice to see someone working on something no one else has scanned, i gotta say, those filesizes are overkill. for grayscale pages that are properly cleaned, png outperforms jpg; and not the default paint/photoshop png’s; i mean limited color png’s (~16-20 colors) that will typically get each page down to ~200-400KB.

    and even if you want to stick with jpg, which may be a valid choice for this, 40-60 quality is more than enough. also, considering the resolution people typically view at, 1200px or 1400px height is more than enough.

    so, for example, your 4mb 19__x27__ pages, resized down to 9__x1400, then saved as jpg, becomes a mere 298KB; your 72MB chapter becomes <10MB, much more manageable, and less painful for you to upload and others to download

  5. Dens says:

    Man, bloat is bloat. Please bring some sanity to your oversized chapters!

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