Volume 5 Chapter 26: Lie

Did I say “regularly scheduled”? My bad. I should know better than to promise things. It never works out right when I do.

Anyway, first chapter of volume 5 is up! No make up chapter because the new guy irritates me and I don’t want to look at him for now. :|


About kazanscans

This blog's purpose, as you may have guessed, is primarily to make the Kazan manga more available on the web. So download, sit back, and enjoy! Don't forget to buy the original if you happen to come across it. :)
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2 Responses to Volume 5 Chapter 26: Lie

  1. Orange says:


  2. Was looking for something such as this but along with option just like the people
    can vote for the films whilst placing comments.
    outstanding design by the way :-O.

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