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Chapter 32: Life & Chapter 33: Quake

Fancy lettering notwithstanding, the title to chapter 33 is not the same as that of chapter 32. Advertisements

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Chapter 30: Beach & Chapter 31: Clamor

I think Kazan is somewhere playing Cyrano, but as a joke.

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Sorry guys, classes started up and I got a job so it’s all been really busy. I’m moving updates to two chapters once weekly, so look for them Friday night/Saturday morning. I’m much more likely to get things done in … Continue reading

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Volume 4 Chapters 22-23: Arms & Clouds

Fuuuuuuuuu—internet. Two chapters for ya. Thanks for all the support, guys. :)

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So about that whole “Volume 4 in a week” thing…

Yeah… I’m leaving the state for someplace with no internet for a week. Meaning that while the scans will probably be done, I won’t be able to process or upload them in the time I’m gone. I do have a … Continue reading

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New complications

I seem to have attracted the attentions of a keylogger. Not logging in here or on Mediafire to upload things until I get that taken care of. On someone else’s computer right now, in case you’re wondering. :P

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Hold yer horses

Update postponed due to my day not going exactly as planned.

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