Links to chapter downloads will be available here. Whether you keep these to yourself or distribute them to free online readers, please just don’t remove my credits page. Thanks, and enjoy. :)
Volume 1
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Volume 2
Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Volume 3
Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14
Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17

Volume 4
Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20
Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Chapter 25

Volume 5
Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28
Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31
Chapter 32 Chapter 33


27 Responses to Chapters

  1. Chypmunk says:

    Thank you, great scans

  2. kickthekitty says:

    Wow. You are a LOT faster then I expected. And here I was worried it might take ages to reach the end! I bettr start preparing scans of those later vols soon…

    • kazanscans says:

      It’s not as big a job as I was afraid it might be! It will probably slow down once I hit vol. 4… like we talked about earlier, I’ll either be scanning my own copy or trying to clean and typeset those raws! I’ll have to dig out my scanner again if I go the scanning route. Bleh bleh bleh.

  3. Fangirl says:

    Thank you very much. I enjoyed the storyline and looked forward to every chapter and every page.

  4. Kazen says:

    super awesome for the chapter so fast

  5. Golden eyes says:

    My friends and I are enjoy manga a lot.

  6. Fangirl says:

    This awesome storyline! Every chapter has me on edge. I can’t believe last chapter that was huge cliffhanger. Thank YOU so much for every chapter. Please continue your great work.

  7. kickthekitty says:

    Thought I should mention that Kazan v6 is now rescanned in 600dpi. Up to p025 it’s scans have brightness 5 but that wasn’t enough so rest have brightness 10.
    Something terrible happened to v5 so it can’t be rescanned, hopefully old 400dpi scans are good enough.

  8. 8bad says:

    Thank you! i love this manga!

  9. Kiri says:

    Thanks! Ur awesome!!

  10. Fangirl says:

    OH thank youu

  11. Kazen says:

    You my sincere gratitude for these wondeful scans

  12. Kazen says:

    It been to long since sent my great thanks to one who gives me such joy so for pass chapters that forgot to say my thanks i will say it now. Thank YOU so much.

  13. Ltay says:

    Thanks for conveniently in one place. If it’s not too much though, Can you maybe make a some of them into batches too? Either by volumes or something to make the downloading process a bit faster? I would do it myself, but I might accidentally take the credit for it without realizing.

    • kazanscans says:

      I hadn’t considered that, but I’ll keep it in mind for future reference. I wouldn’t mind if you consolidated the chapters yourself, if you feel like doing so, as long as you leave a credit page intact somewhere. Mostly that’s just so people know where I got the scans! If you do decide to do it, though, I would suggest leaving volume one alone. I intend to replace those first three chapters with something a lot less crappy. :) If you do decide to do that, just post something saying so and I’ll shoot you an e-mail.

  14. Ltay says:

    conveniently having them*

  15. Lucinda says:

    I LOVE this series. How long is it?

  16. LeftNipple says:

    I represent the project Valhalla Knights ( We would like to use your translation and scans for translating this manga into Russian.
    Your answer please write to the post. Thanks in advance.

  17. LibertysFallout says:

    I don’t know if this question has already been answered or not but i was wondering if there is any other chapters after 33 or did they stop creating Kazan.

    P.S. This was also the very first manga that i ever read and is pretty much what paved the way for my advent love of manga and anime. So i really can’t say how much it feels me with joy that someone was willing to post chapters online for everyone to see. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Neman says:

      No worries it is complete,it’s just that the raws are really difficult to find…

      • LibertysFallout says:

        {Possible Spoiler}…sort of…{well we all saw it coming}
        I thought so cause i remember looking for Kazan before and ended up with some chapter raws with Kazan grown up and standing atop some wooden post looking ridiculously cool. Then there was me having no idea what the hell happened and even more eager to find out what i had missed. But thanks for the heads up.

  18. lee says:

    I missed my chance but I saw volume 6 and 7 being sold on ebay. Still thanks for everything.

  19. sunnyweed says:

    Just stumbled upon this series recently…..
    Thank you for all your scanlations you’ve done up til now! I really enjoyed it. It’s not often that you find such a great manga. It’s a shame that volumes 6 7 haven’t been translated yet.

  20. Mira says:

    Oh my gosh! I had found volume one a while ago, and I couldn’t seem to find this manga anywhere online! Thank you for uploading it! I can’t wait until the final two volumes!

  21. Gg says:

    Thank you for great scans, can you continue upload scans please?

  22. Gg says:

    You people are talking out of yout butts the entire series has been translated and there is no need for raws it has been licensed and fully translated just need to upload the scans or buy the last 2 volumes since they are not on here

  23. Kurt says:

    I bought the books years ago but there are out of state from where I am. I am very happy to see scans being made and I look forward to the last two volumes.

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