Volume 4 Chapters 24-25: Hollow & Tears

Here ends volume 4. Next week we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming with better (but less bloaty than previous) chapters.

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Volume 4 Chapters 22-23: Arms & Clouds

Fuuuuuuuuu—internet. Two chapters for ya. Thanks for all the support, guys. :)

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Chapters 20 & 21: Sharpening & Hill

Sorry about the delay. Was rearranging furniture and was tired enough that updating slipped my mind.

FYI there may be delays next week, as well. We’ve been warned about digging going on in our area for something or other, and they might have to cut things like the internet.

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Volume 4 Chapters 18–19: Once Again & Girl

Back from the middle of nowhere. Stuck my feet in a lake. Spent time with Gramma. She’s doing all right, if you’re wondering. :)

Just for future reference, I can take constructive criticism. Some tact would be appreciated, though.

At any rate, two chapters up as promised. The quality isn’t as good as the others, but not as bad as chapters 1-3.

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So about that whole “Volume 4 in a week” thing…

Yeah… I’m leaving the state for someplace with no internet for a week. Meaning that while the scans will probably be done, I won’t be able to process or upload them in the time I’m gone. I do have a good reason, though—I’m visiting my Gramma, who has been in and out of the hospital. My mother decided last minute that next week was the best time, so off we go. I’ll try to get two sets of two chapters up the week I get back to make up for the short notice. :x

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Volume 3 Chapter 17: Void

And that’s volume 3! I’ll be taking a break for about a week to scan volume 4. I decided that cleaning and typesetting the raws isn’t for me. They probably won’t be as good as the scans I got from Kickthekitty at Random Scans, but it’s better than the zilch I have at the moment. :Þ

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Volume 3 Chapter 16: Poison

So I found out recently that the folks at AnimeA are very strict about their licensing policy. I think Kazan’s going to be removed from there, even though it’s out of print. :(

I’m gonna take this opportunity to say that anyone who wants to upload chapters to manga aggregator sites should do so, as long as they’re free.

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